Money Is Serious Issue In College Puzzle

The problem that usually faced by a freshman at university is separating from family because of studying outside the city or even overseas. Even though every month they are given money by their parents, they often complain about money because what the had is not enough. These problems are very common for collegers in college life that full of ups and downs and puzzles. Let’s just say this is a College Puzzle because we don’t know how it will turn out in college life.

The thing you have to do is certainly saving money. Every time you get monthly money from your parents, immediately allocate the money to priority things first, such as to pay rent, housing fees, tuition fees for a month, spending money, and so on. Arrange the money for your monthly expenses.

Always think twice every time you want to buy something. This is very common, but very often happens. Like to buy without thinking further so at the end of the month will complain because we do not have enough money. Always think twice about what is a priority to buy, is it for the very important and urgent things? If not, think even further.

Do things that can save your money, for example by bringing bottled water. Simple things like this can help you in saving money because you don’t spend money anymore to buy drinking water that can be counted two to three times a day. Besides being more frugal, without realizing you are also implementing a healthy lifestyle.

Another option that can be chosen is to work part-time. First, you need to do is don’t be shy to work part-time, wherever that is, what the company is like. Let’s just say this is part of you learning to get into the world of work, as well as a place to find something extra money for shopping.

Saving is also a way to form a better and more independent personality and more mature for the future. Never give up on your future!

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