Car safety measures in the near future

Nowadays, people are living longer not only because of high medical developments, but for the automakers too. Automakers are equally responsible for this as the doctors. They blend performance and comfort with extreme safety technologies competitively. This helps to give you safety on roads.

Self-driven cars and pedestrian-friendly bumpers are also used as automotive safeties. Many new features are also being introduced in the new models of the cars. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Concierge concept is a part of the next generation safety, as it has an integrated heart defibrillator.

Here are some of the car safety measures that you can look forward to.

Tire-pressure monitoring

Tire-pressure monitoringTire-pressure monitoring is one of the safety technologies. By the year 2008, all the models of the US passenger vehicles that weigh 10,000 pounds or less, should be equipped with a tire-pressure monitoring system, as per the order of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In most of the new cars, it is already a safety feature. BMW offers this feature as standard equipment on all the models of the cars. If the air pressure is too low, sensors at the wheels alert the passengers by an audible warning or a light on the instrument panel. In most of the cars like Corvette, run-flat tires are installed. The run-flat tires help the car to run continuously at a high rate of speed for 50 or more miles.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control or collision mitigation is another safety measure. Modern cruise control goes beyond the constant speed. Nowadays, cruise control can adjust the throttle with the help of sensors and radar. It brakes to maintain a safe distance from the car that is in front of you.

It generally works if there is any change in traffic speed. The system has the ability to sense a potential collision. So, it automatically brakes hard and helps to tighten seat belts. When the road becomes clear of traffic, it returns to its original cruising speed. It can be overridden by only touching the brakes.

Land-departure warning

Lane-departure warning is similar to side-assist technology with more range. When you change road, it judges speed and distance of the approaching vehicle in order to warn you of potential danger. If you ever become distracted, it can automatically warn you through vibration on the seat and steering wheel. It can also warn in the form of alarm.

Lane-departure warning also monitors body posture, head position and eye activity of the drivers. It warns immediately whenever it detects that the drivers are falling asleep. It also warns when the vehicle starts behaving erratically. In this case, the system automatically slows down the car and engages in stability control.

Emergency brakes

Emergency brakesEmergency brake technology is quite different from an antilocking braking system. It detects whenever the driver makes a quick shift from gas to brake pedal. It applies additional brake pressure to short the stopping distance.

This works in cooperation with stability control and smart cuisine control system when it senses a potential collision. It is called brake assist.

Thus, these are some of the modern car features listed for avoiding accidents in the future.

Safe driving school

Safe driving schoolLearning to drive is like an adventure that is experienced by any person, especially teenagers. As, such a lot of people tend to rely on self-driving lessons in their quest to learn driving. However, it is also very important to find out the right driving school, so that you do not face any issues in your development.

Now, there are quite a few things that one must take note of before choosing their driving school. In this article, we have made it a point to explain these.

1.The school should be accredited – Do online searches for driving schools in your area that are accredited. Check the websites to know about their experience in participating to higher associations, like the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

2. The driving instructors should be registered with the respective agency. This agency gives permission to the drivers to work at franchised driving schools and allows them to teach student drivers. A driving school has the responsibility to inform the students whether the instructor has trainee status. After taking all the three qualifying exams, the trainee instructor receives a full license.

3. Read reviews – Always prefer to read reviews about the driving school that you are selecting. Verifying the license status of the school is of utmost importance. Call the driving school directly if you face any difficulty to find the informations. They are bound to inform you about their accreditation outright.

4. Choose schools that encourage the involvement of parents – Select the schools that encourage the involvement of parents. They should arrange the meetings with parents for discussing the curriculum and to advice them about how to encourage their children. According to rules, instructors should give feedback to parents after each driving lesson of their wards.

Pay attention to the quality of experience – Parents should pay attention to the quality of experience that their children are getting in their driving schools. Turn signals, breaking and gears are the basic conceptions about driving. The driving instructor should provide the students with information regarding roadways and multiple situations. Learning to drive in communities and on highways are the important skills that every student must learn.

driving school5. Compare fees – Always compare the admission fees of different driving schools before getting admission. Take a look at the student-teacher ratio and ask about the additional fees that might be imposed on the student for missing the class. It is recommended to have 10:1 as the ideal student-teacher ratio.

6. Check the driving curriculum – Ask to see a plan for your lessons to the driving instructor. You should be given personal follow-up by the instructor. He should give the students proper instructions that suit their level of skill. The driving curriculum should contain the objectives, the content and progress of the instruction that has been offered. The lessons should be well planned and the time of the lesson should be used efficiently. The driving instructor should give his undivided attention to the training of the students during their lessons. Choose a driving school that cooperate between the learner and the driver. The school should encourage the students to practise between lessons that help to reduce the risk of accidents.

Thus, choosing the right school is very important in order to learn driving in a correct and authentic way. The right driving schools will automatically provide you with highly experienced and licensed driving instructors.