This Simple Magic Trick Can Make Fun Gathering Events

The long vacation is the ideal time to gather with family and friends. So that the atmosphere is more lively, it would be nice if you prepare an entertainment program. Singing, karaoke, or guessing can be a neat choice. But, if you want more exciting, magic can be a perfect choice. You see, this trick can entertain young children, nephews, or younger siblings, as well as making the adult audience amazed with confusion. You can call the magician gold coast to fill if you created.

You can also join the magicians and do some simple tricks to amaze your family members. There are lots of tricks you can learn. For example coin magic, numbers, cards, to the trick of bending a spoon. Maybe everything seems difficult to learn. However, believe me, if you already know the secret, you can master it.

1. Guess the card, simple magic that relies on the speed ​​of the hands and eyes Here are the steps:

● Prepare a set of playing cards, and randomly stylishly so that your appearance is convincing. ● Ask one of the spectators or volunteers to take and view one of the cards. Ask him to show the card to other viewers. ● Now, when the attention is diverted to show the card to other viewers, simply lay the bottom card in the stack of cards that you hold. Don’t get caught. Do it casually, but quickly. So as not suspicious. ● Have him return the card on the deck of cards. ● Well, the trick is here. Divide the stack of cards in half and place the card that you peeked over on the card your friends see. ● Distract the audience’s attention by reciting the mantra or waving a hand with excitement. After that, place the stack of cards on the table. ● Open your stack of cards one by one. Don’t forget to act as if you are reading your friend’s memories. ● Keep opening until you find the bottom card that you peeked in, before the stack of cards is halved and moved. ● The next card must be the one your friend first took.

It’s easy, right? Don’t forget to prepare playing cards now for your show later.