Motorcycle Owners Can Do These 5 Tips To Maintain Their Motorcycle’s Chains

Caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the motorcycle chain should not be considered trivial. This very important motor part can sometimes become loose and damaged due to various factors. If allowed to drag on, not only your motor chain is damaged, but also the whole motor itself. That’s why we also recommend you to only buy the best motorcycle chain so it lasts long.

 Well, so that your motorized trip is always safe and smooth, let’s refer to these 5 motorcycle chain maintenance tips:

1. Use chain lubricant

In order for your motorcycle chain to last, you must be diligent in using lubricants on your motorcycle chain. This motor chain lubricant serves to lubricate your motorcycle chain to the gap in the chain. In addition, the lubricant also helps you clean your motorcycle chain.

2. Do not use used oil to lubricate the motor chain

Thinking more practical and cheaper, there are usually people who use used grease and oil to lubricate the motorcycle chain. As much as possible, you avoid it, yes!

Using used oil or fat will only invite dirt that will stick to the chain and make the chain become durable. It’s better to spend a little more on buying a chain lube than to bother replacing your broken motorcycle chain later.

3. Clean your motorcycle chain regularly

Now, this is very important in maintaining the durability of your motorcycle chain! Often you use it in rainy or hot weather, surely your chain will become dirty and dusty.

Make sure you regularly clean your motorcycle chain! Besides looking clean, your motorcycle chain is durable.

4. Use the original chain and gear

Instead of you using fake gear and chains, you better use the original and original factory. Although a very friendly pocket, you will even be bothered when using fake chains and gear that is easily damaged.

For that, you must immediately replace your motorcycle chain and gear with the original one that has guaranteed quality. Well, after that, don’t forget to take care of it so that it will last!

5. Check and make adjustments regularly

Don’t forget to check the condition of the chain so you know your motorcycle chain. Who knows, your motorcycle chain is loose or maybe it’s too tight.