Live Longer With Prayers

Speaking of health, it turns out spiritual activities such as miracle healing prayers can also affect our health. This is consistent with the latest research in which spiritual and religious practices can drive depression and keep someone from various diseases. Some of the benefits of praying for your body including reduce stress levels dramatically and prevent health problems related to stress and eliminating toxins caused by stress. Stress is the number one cause behind the accumulation of toxins in the body. Now in this case pray helps to eliminate the buildup of poisons. That means it could also reducing blood pressure and improving heart health. Studies show that praying can reduce blood pressure by 40 percent.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that praying increases dopamine levels in your brain. It reduces the ego and makes you more humble. The same study also found that praying affects brain areas related to the ego. This study concludes that praying reduces your ego and makes you more humble and less greedy for material things. Early studies show that praying increases your immunity by preventing some minor illnesses and even reducing asthma symptoms. But researchers do not yet know the cause behind this effect. Praying also makes it easier for you to deal with illness if you are sick. Make you more optimistic and reduce your risk of depression and anxiety. A UK-based study found that people who rarely pray tend to develop mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. Praying at a place of worship makes you a more positive person and reduces the risk of depression.

Have you ever noticed that you have less self-control when you are tired? You are more likely to fight with someone when you are tired and it will be easier for you to give up on something when you are mentally exhausted. Well, a study found that participants who said those who prayed before they did mentally tiring tasks had more self-control than those who didn’t. In the end, prayer indeed helps you live longer. Praying not only helps prevent deadly diseases such as heart attacks and diabetes but also helps you heal and recover more quickly. Overall praying can increase longevity.